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The Whois protection service now 33% cheaper

Whois protection - lower pricesAs much as the World Wide Web is aiming for clarity and transparency, there’s still a parallel dark reality where hackers and spammers are poised to make their next attempt on our identity.

One of the first steps a site owner could take to ensure defense against intruders, is to order a Whois protection service for their domain name.

To help you make this service more attractive and appealing to your customers, we’ve rendered it even more affordable by lowering its price by a total of 33%.

Why is Whois protection a must-have security service?

In an attempt to make the web more transparent and reality-relevant, ICANN – the body that governs the assignment of Internet addresses, has set forth a requirement for domain owners to provide accurate and up-to-date contact information at registration.

The information provided by registrants is then made publicly accessible through the so-called Whois system.

While it is a great idea to keep the web clean of false information, the reality has witnessed tons of Whois details, including emails, phones and postal addresses, being harvested by spammers with cruel intentions.

Whois protection - benefits

The growing global concern about keeping domain owners’ identity intact has made the Whois protection service a real must-have for registrants.  

With Whois protection enabled, the domain owner’s personal information will be hidden from the public Whois system.

To ensure an ICANN-compliant anonymity, the Whois protection service replaces the registrant’s information with proxy data, in this case with our own contact details:

Whois protection - generic contact details

This allows domain owners to comply with ICANN’s Whois contact information rules while protecting their personal information.

Which TLDs support Whois protection?

Not all Top-Level Domains support Whois protection.

Basically, most generic TLDs and nTLDs support Whois protection, while some ccTLD registries have so far refrained from making the country-specific extensions that they are overseeing Whois protection-eligible.

Here are all the TLDs for which the Whois protection service can be enabled:

Whois protection - per TLD

New prices for the Whois protection service

To help you keep your web hosting offerings online security-friendly, we have scaled down the wholesale price for the Whois protection service by 33%.

Now you can market the service more aggressively to your prospects and existing customers with focus on security and close more sales thanks to the new price.

To help you keep attractive pricing levels, we’ve reset your Whois protect price to the new default retail price.

If you want to finetune the price as per your overall marketing strategy, you can do so from the IDP Pricing section under My Offers in your Reseller Control Panel:

Whois Protection - set prices


Originally published Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 5:39 pm, updated March 2, 2016 and is filed under Domain Names.

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