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TLD and promo PDF brochures added to the Store Master theme

PDF promo offers on Store Master theme

It’s been a couple of months since the introduction of PDF brochures onto your Store Master-based stores, which was aimed at addressing the short attention span of various prospects by offering them a more concise presentation of your portfolio.

Now we have a new set of brochures for your stores – the TLD brochure, which is focused on the domain extensions that you’ve decided to offer on your store, and the promo brochure, which represents an overview of all the TLD and service promotions that are currently running.

What are the new brochures about?

The new set of brochures complements the existing PDFs on your store by presenting the domain names you are currently offering and by highlighting the current promotions.

Also, if you have active service promotions on your store – they will be brought to your prospects’ attention in a visually appealing, easy-to-grasp manner.

Here is what to expect from the two new brochures:

TLD brochure

Similar to the existing service brochures, the domain name-dedicated PDF offers an overview of the TLDs offered on your store and the key services associated with them.

You can find it on your store’s “parent” domain registration page – the right link at the bottom of the banner:

PDF domain brochure on Store Master theme

Prospects will be first acquainted with the specificities of domain names and will learn why it is important to choose the right name for your website and a proper domain registrar:

PDF domain brochure - why us

If you are offering a free-domain-name-with-a-hosting-plan option on your store, prospects will learn more about the possibility to register a new domain or transfer their existing one over to you for free:

PDF domain brochure - free domain offfer

Next, your potential customers will be presented with a list of the top TLDs featured on your store, including details about their application, registration periods and prices:

PDF domain brochure - TLD table

To see all the available TLDs, your clients will need to click on the ‘See all available domain names’ link at the bottom of the TLD table.

Finally, prospects will be prompted to sign up with you and take advantage of your domain registration offers, as they will be guaranteed an all-inclusive domain management service from an ICANN-accredited registrar:

PDF domain brochure - join us

Promo brochure

The promo brochure is located on your store’s index page. It is located in the left corner of the banner area on the home page:

PDF promo brochure - Store Master

The promo brochure offers a quick overview of all the promotional campaigns that you are currently running.

It covers both domain registration and hosting service promotions and is aimed at gathering all the cool offers scattered throughout your store’s pages into one place.

For your prospects’ convenience, the brochure is divided into two sections – Promo Offers and Discount Codes:

PDF promo brochure - navigation

The Promo Offers section covers all the available hosting service and domain registration promotions and their validity periods.

The service promotions, for example, include the $1-a-month promo on selected OpenVZ and KVM VPS packages, which is currently running on our platform.

PDF promo brochure - offers

The domain registration promotions include all limited-time TLD offers, including the currently active .PRO, .TOP, .WS, .IN, .EU, .ME, .SPACE, .SITE and .HOST promo campaigns:

PDF promo brochure - domain offers

The Discount Codes section includes all the coupon codes that you have enabled on your store using the Coupon Generator in your Reseller Control Panel:

PDF promo brochure - coupons


The new brochures complement the PDF info materials on your store. They represent a powerful tool for directing short-attention-span prospects’ attention to your services.

Originally published Friday, March 3rd, 2017 at 8:18 am, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under Domain Names.


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