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Semi-dedicated servers now support a 30-day Free Trial option

Semi-dedicated servers - free trial

Introduced to our web hosting platform just a few days ago, the Free Trial option now allows clients to test your semi-dedicated servers for free, without needing to supply any credit card/PayPal account information.

The Free Trial option is a great way for you as a provider to inspire trust in prospects who feel ready to commit to a more advanced hosting provider, but are not yet sure if you are the right company.

Just as with the web hosting packages, clients will be able to test your services for a period of 30 days and then decide if they want to continue to use them or not.

Why semi-dedicated servers?

When launched on our platform more than 6 years ago, semi-dedicated servers were meant to fill a then-newly emerging niche on the web hosting market – users whose needs have outgrown the resources offered by web hosting accounts, but are not yet ready to make the big leap to a dedicated server.

Over the years, we’ve seen hundreds of web hosting account users move to a semi-dedicated server plan.

Semi-dedicated hosting - scheme

Thanks to the significant performance boost we’ve given to our semi-dedicated hosting platform and the lower maintenance costs, users can enjoy a dedicated server-like hosting experience at a shared account-like price.

Now your web hosting clients can move to a semi-dedicated server with a click of the mouse straight from their Web Hosting Control Panel. Newcomers to your store can order one on the signup page as quickly and easily as signing up for a web hosting package.

Here is what they will get after they’ve taken that move:

Improved performance – shared between just a few users, a semi-dedicated server offers four-to-five times more performance-critical resources (including generous amounts of CPU power) and can handle multiple simultaneous database queries.

With both semi-dedicated server configurations, customers will get a great chunk of the server’s CPU power and will thus be able to run busy sites and complex applications and to tackle vast numbers of concurrent database requests sent by forum users, online shoppers, etc.:

Semi-dedicated servers - CPU usage

Also, our semi-dedicated servers feature all the performance benefits of our cloud hosting platform (SSD drives, ZFS LZ4-based data compression, etc.), which can bring a significant speed boost to your customers’ sites and applications.

Guaranteed security – besides the peace of mind in knowing that no other user’s activity could rock the server’s stability, semi-dedicated clients will be able to leverage all the security improvements that we’ve implemented on our cloud hosting platform, among them the ModSecurity anti-hack firewall, the ability to control the outgoing connections, the anti-virus protection enhancements that we’ve made, etc.

A fully managed server solution – since a semi-dedicated server is a shared server in nature, we will take care of all server monitoring and management procedures. Plus, we will run routine maintenances to keep the server in line with the latest software/hardware and security updates. So, you will be able to focus all your efforts on developing your projects, without having to deal with any server management tasks.

Ease of use – managing a semi-dedicated server is like managing a regular web hosting account. No admin consoles to log into, no OS or other software to configure. Each server comes pre-installed with our in-house built Control Panel, which will make managing your sites and applications a breeze.

A 30-day Free Trial option for semi-dedicated server users

The Free Trial option is a great trust-inspiring tool and now you can use it to draw customers to your semi-dedicated server offerings as well.

Giving prospects the option to test your server solutions for a period of 30 days before deciding to commit to your company is a surefire way to lead them to believe that you are confident about your service quality and do not fear negative evaluation.

Also, a Free Trial option for a server solution is a rarity on the web hosting market, which will give you a significant leap forward in better promoting your services.

As with the web hosting packages, once a customer fills in their account details on your order page, they will be immediately transferred to a thank-you page where they will be able to set their password and then to the Control Panel where they can choose whether to make use of the Free Trial option or to continue to the signup page.

If they decide to go with the Free Trial option, they won’t have to submit any credit card or other payment information until the trial period expires, unless they decide to complete the signup procedure earlier.

NOTE: If the client does not sign up for the selected server package after the Free Trial period has expired, their data will be kept for another 30 days on our servers.

If the client does not sign up within that period – the data will be deleted.


Offering a Free Trial option for your semi-dedicated servers is a great marketing method for drawing prospects who need more server resources, but have a limited budget.

Also, offering more services with a Free Trial option on your store is a great opportunity to build trust in your brand and make a name for yourself as a reliable web hosting provider.

Originally published Thursday, October 6th, 2016 at 4:27 pm, updated October 6, 2016 and is filed under Dedicated Servers.

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