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Custom reseller plans with no database support

As all our resellers under the Free Reseller Program know, our reseller offer includes a tool called “Liquid Plan Builder”. This tool has one purpose only – it allows you to create custom plans with the features and the prices you want. This is very handy, as it allows the formation of different marketing strategies and gives the reseller the chance to reach out to a broader market. And more importantly, this gives the reseller the option to create a web hosting plan with no MySQL databases.

The Internet today relies heavily on database usage – 99.99% of the sites out there are backed up by a database. Databases allow for great amounts of data to be easily stored and later accessed by the site. This means that your site can be a lot more complex in design and it also reduces the amount of code behind each page and the number of files needed.

During a recent talk with our Sales Team, they informed me that there are several resellers offering web hosting plans with no database support in them. This post is especially dedicated to them – the hosting customers want more and more in exchange for the money they spend each year for a hosting plan and most of them go through a lot of offers before deciding to sign up. And in times of financial crisis, they will always look for the best value for their money. A plan lacking MySQL support will not appeal to them since it’s almost on par with most free hosting offers.

Even if you have one MySQL database included in the plan, even if it has a very limited database storage space, you can give the customer a lot more options for his money, including our 1-click free script installation tool with which a customer can get a website up and running in less than 5 minutes. And customers would like the ability to build and maintain different kinds of websites, be that blogs, online stores or simple image galleries, without the need to meddle with PHP, script installations, template integration and all that.

In a few words, databases are very important in the web hosting world and whenever possible, try to include them in the web hosting plans.

Originally published Friday, September 25th, 2009 at 8:08 am, updated July 3, 2024 and is filed under The Free Reseller Program.

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