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.COMPANY now open for registration and transfer

.COMPANY nTLDOne of the newest namespaces for businesses, both small and big, has just been introduced to our platform as well.

Although the .COMPANY nTLD has been online for a mere year and a half, it has managed to breathe fresh air into the world of online business and branding.

You can now get a discounted .COMPANY domain for your own projects or offer it to your own customers under our reseller hosting program.

.COMPANY – some facts and history

The extension officially came to light in March 2014. More than 40 000 .COMPANY domain names have been registered since then.

.COMPANY now open for registration and transfer

The .COMPANY nTLD belongs to the family of Donuts – a USA-based registrar, which supervises the world’s largest and most diverse group of new business-friendly domain extensions, including .BUSINESS, .CAPITAL, .CAREERS, .BARGAINS, .DEALS, etc.

Donuts’ main mission is to provide variety and choice for anyone establishing a new or refreshing an existing online business identity. The registrar has given .COMPANY a strong push with a precisely targeted and straightforward marketing campaign.

This means that your marketing job is halfway done – .COMPANY is popular enough to magnetize attention and now you only need to let your business customers know that you have included it in your portfolio.

Why register .COMPANY?

When you’re starting a new company, the best way to set yourself apart from the first instant is to use a competitive site name that stands out.

.COMPANY is a strong and highly relevant namespace, which will help you grow your business footprint, boost your store’s recognition and reach out to a wider audience.

Even if you’re already an established business with an active website, the .COMPANY extension can still be a valuable asset – for example, you can forward it to your pre-existing address.

.COMPANY nTLD - applications

The .COMPANY nTLD makes creating an online identity incredibly easy and represents a perfect platform for you to build your brand.

Just add the extension to the name of your company and you will get a memorable web address for your business. Imagine if your site read ‘WWW.APPLE.COMPANY’ or ‘WWW.SAMSUNG.COMPANY’!

.COMPANY could also be used for portals, which provide reviews or information about global companies.

Who can register a .COMPANY domain name?

Because of their global business purpose, .COMPANY domain names are open for registration to anyone for a period of 1-10 years. The registration process is quick and simple, with no specific requirements to follow.

.COMPANY domains that have been registered with another registrar can be transferred over to us for the same cost. An EPP key is required for the transfer to be completed successfully.

How to activate the .COMPANY domain extension on your store?

.COMPANY is enabled by default on your store. If you haven’t made changes to the TLD list in your Reseller Control Panel, the new TLD will be listed between .PRO and .SERVICES:

.COMPANY nTLD in the domain search form

If you have changed the original TLD order, however, .COMPANY will be listed at the bottom of the TLD table under Domain Pricing:

.COMPANY nTLD in the Reseller Control PanelYou can now enable it on your store and choose its best position from a marketing point of view.


A true partner to those who are still hesitant about the marketing power of their sites, .COMPANY gives businesses a reason to move their publicity efforts online and a means to break down digital barriers with a meaningful site name. 

So hurry up! Spread the word about .COMPANY to your customers and expand your store’s business clientele.

Originally published Friday, November 6th, 2015 at 5:17 pm, updated June 9, 2016 and is filed under Domain Names.

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