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Growth opportunities for web hosting businesses amidst the COVID crisis

With the ongoing pandemic situation, many countries around the world have been experiencing major changes in their social and economic status quo.

Business-wise, it has become vital for brands to find ways to adapt to the new reality using the power of digital technologies. Consumer-wise, cutting down costs on unnecessary shopping and searching for new, anti-crisis opportunities online is becoming the new normal.

As a web hosting provider, you are in a favorable position to leverage the newly emerging online demands and offer a much-needed service in the context of unprecedented behavior shifts.

So here is how you could make the most of the current lockdown market situation by offering web hosting services to your own customers via our free reseller hosting program.

Offering web hosting services is risk and virus-free!

As a purely digital service, web hosting is fully immune to the risk of a COVID-19 infection which makes it a safe service to sell.

In contrast to many retailers who offer goods online, you will not need to take any specific precautions to protect yourself, your service, or your customers.

In addition, you are not dependent on pandemic-vulnerable, offline partners such as delivery providers, etc. to conduct the day-to-day business which makes you resistant to any service interruptions along the way.

All this saves you time and extra effort of having to be pandemic-compliant. Plus offering a safe, cashless service is now a strong selling point in the context of the global health crisis.

Talking about viruses, we’ve taken all necessary measures to protect our hosting environment from all types of online threats as well.

No need to worry about employees and support services

The crisis has left many small businesses struggling to provide paychecks and health coverage for their employees and others have even been forced to lay off staff.

As a partner of ours, we can take the social care burden off your shoulders since we take full responsibility for the employees who support you and your own customers.

Moreover, from the very start of the outbreak, we’ve taken measures to protect all of our employees and ensure a safe and uninterrupted working environment for them 24/7/365.

Therefore, you and you customers have not seen any delay in our response times for the ongoing quarantine period.

Web hosting is one of the new consumer essentials

The unprecedented global crisis has led to a profound change to consumer behaviors and has turned the web into an ad-hoc environment for buying and supplying.

Now every business, regardless of location, has to find ways to move from “brick to click” and use the communication power of the Internet in order to retain their customer base and keep going under the new reality.

Whether they want to create a shoppable landing page for their portfolio or a brand-new online store, they will need a hosting service for that.

Also, as more people lose their jobs and are left with more free time on their hands, they can discover new opportunities online like taking a course to learn a new skill or become more proficient in a certain field.

All of this opens up a new “quarantine” niche of online learners who are getting ready for starting a new online venture that will help them move on during the lockdown period. And they will need a hosting service for that too.

Offering a service that is now becoming an essential to enable people to adapt to the new reality for both the business and consumer ends of the market, is an excellent opportunity for you to strengthen your market position.

A great chance to unleash your marketing powers and build a positive brand reputation

With all the measures we’ve taken to back your business up with safety and security by default, you now do not need to take any extra steps to protect your brand as is currently the case with most businesses.

This will give you more time to focus on your marketing efforts and further your brand communication strategies.

Everything you do to build and maintain the relationship with your customers is marketing these days – from your company communications on social media to a COVID-19 message on your website.

Everything you do could shape the perception of your brand and influence buying decisions in these challenging times, so it’s vital that you keep using various online marketing tools to build and strengthen relationships with current customers and prospects who are now getting used to the convenience of buying and supplying online.

For example, time spent homebound has led to a great spike in social media usage while many businesses have cut their marketing budgets to save money.

This has naturally led to lower cost-per-click rates meaning that you can now reach more people with the same budget or less via social advertising.

As you focus on your marketing efforts, we have you covered with a stable e-commerce platform, a mobile-friendly storefront design and a 24/7/365 sales service that will make your services easily available to prospects round the clock.

All you need to do is select the marketing channels you can rely on and further your efforts on building customer relationships.


With the global economy being in survival mode, you are now well-positioned to offer value on the quickly growing e-commerce market driven by the new realities of being homebound.

As a member of our reseller hosting platform, you will have all the ‘safety’ assets you need to step up and build a brand that caters to the urgent online needs of small businesses and startups.

Do everything you can to enhance your marketing efforts now so you can help customers get used to the ‘new normal’ of being online with your services and ensure a favorable market position for your business after COVID-19 as well.

Originally published Friday, May 22nd, 2020 at 2:50 pm, updated June 18, 2020 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform.

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