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Reseller SEO tips

Most of our attention has always been focused on the free hosting resellers using the free templates, and this is only natural since they are using products of ours, which we can easily support. However, it’s time to turn our attention to all the resellers with custom built websites. Today, there is one site almost everyone in the world knows of – And getting a better position in Google searches is very, very important. This is why, today, with the help I’ve received from our SEO specialists, I will give you some very important SEO tips.


Interlinking stands for links between your own pages and is one of the easiest optimization techniques you can perform. The Google bot may not “crawl” and index the whole page, but it will cover all the links going out from it. This is why a lot of web hosting companies create very large websites – so that they can have more pages they can link from and to. And to better understand interlinking, you should know more about…


The keywords are those important words, which can attract the precious Google traffic. And since we are in the web hosting business, the most natural keyword which comes to mind is “web hosting”. The presence of this word in the URL of the page and in the actual page content can move you up in Google’s rankings. However, you have to be very careful with the “keyword density” – too many duplicate keywords in one single page will not be tolerated. Also, if you are concentrating on keywords, make sure that your text is actually human readable. This way, if someone goes to your page, they will have a reason to stay on it. The keyword battle is a very heated one and according to our SEO specialists, a very expensive one. This is why the best thing to do if you are running a small-to-medium website is to try to think of alternative keywords. They will still have to be related with web hosting, since this is the actual service you are offering. You can try writing web hosting tutorials or how-to’s; web design tips and tutorials are also an option, even if you don’t offer web design services.

URL formatting

Something most designers neglect is the URL formatting. Instead of URLs with spaces in them, try to use underscores (“_”) or dashes (“-”). This will not affect the human readability of the actual URL, and will also make it more Google friendly. If you are running a blog, don’t use the default blog URL formatting, but opt for a custom one. There a lot more tips coming, so stay tuned and don’t forget to regularly check our blog!
Originally published Friday, September 4th, 2009 at 8:00 am, updated September 1, 2009 and is filed under The Free Reseller Program.

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