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Per-service/per-plan discount controls added to the Coupon Code Generator

Per service and per package controls in the Coupon GeneratorJust in time for the holidays, our devs have upgraded the Coupon Code Generator, which was launched about 2 months ago, with the purpose of expanding its marketing potential.

Now you can create discounts per web hosting service type and even per plan, which will allow you to target specific market niches and will increase your chances of accumulating bigger sales volumes.

You can find the Coupon Generator in the Reseller Control Panel, which is an indivisible part of our Free Reseller Program.

How to set a discount per service

In your Reseller Control Panel, click on the Coupon Generator icon in the header area. A popup window will prompt you to create a new promo code. Fill in the name of the code the way you want it to appear on your store and then select your store, if your have more than one in your reseller account.

After that, you will see a drop-down option to select the type of service that you want the particular discount code to apply to:

Per-service control in the Coupon Generator

By selecting only the service type for a coupon – shared web hosting packages, semi-dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers or dedicated servers, the discount will be applied to all packages within that category, which are currently offered on your store.

NOTE: If you do not select a particular service, the discount will be applied to all services offered on your store.

How to set a discount per plan

You can enable a discount for a particular web hosting package under a certain service category. After you’ve selected the service type, simply select the plan in question from the pull-down plan list (see the screenshot below):

A per-package control in the Coupon Generator

The per-plan coupon code functionality will help you promote certain packages more actively and will give you a greater flexibility in your marketing campaigns.

NOTE: If you do not select a particular package, the discount will be applied to all packages under the selected category on your store.

For more detailed instructions on how to work with the Coupon Generator, read our blog post.

Originally published Thursday, December 4th, 2014 at 4:51 pm, updated December 5, 2014 and is filed under The Free Reseller Program.

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