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The .MX country-code TLD is finally available for registration!

.MX domain names now available for registration

Felicidades! Starting from today, you and your customers can register .MX ‘nombres de dominio’ and become a part of the large online Mexican family.

.MX had been a long-sought-after extension before it became open to the public a few years ago. It was closed for registration for a long time and only 3rd-level .COM.MX domains names were available to the public.

Now the .MX ccTLD is open for registration to anyone and you can get your .MX domain today without any restrictions whatsoever.

Why register .MX domain names?

  • Show your personal/business interest in Mexico. The .MX ccTLD represents a great chance for companies and individuals having economical, political or cultural relations with Mexico, to voice their identity online.
  • Show commitment to Mexican customers. A local domain name will contribute to your company’s professional image and will help you demonstrate your commitment to the local audience.
  • Increase your sales on the Мexican market. By targeting the Mexican market with a local TLD, your brand will be recognized by potential customers and you will stand a much better chance of increasing your revenue.
  • Protect your local trademark. By registering a .MX domain, you will secure your brand as an online trademark pertaining to Mexico.  
  • Get a short and easy-to-remember website name. The possibility of laying hands on a short and recognizable site name is much greater with a ccTLD like .MX than with a widely used TLD like .COM and .NET.

Who can register .MX domain names?

There are no local presence or citizenship requirements for registering a .MX domain, unlike the situation with some other ccTLDs.

Anyone can register a .MX domain name for a period of 1-5 years. Also, if you have a .MX domain registered somewhere else, you can transfer it over to us, so as to keep your site(s) and domain name(s) in one place. An EPP code will be needed for the transfer to take place.

How to activate .MX domains on your store?

.MX domains are included by default in the reseller hosting portfolios of those of you who have not edited the TLD listing in the Control Panel so far.

If, however, you have re-arranged the way in which the TLDs are listed, you will find .MX at the bottom of the TLD table in the My Domain Offers section of the Reseller Control Panel where the non-active domain extensions are located.

Just activate the TLD using the ‘bulb’ icon and it will instantly be added to your domain portfolio.

Enable .MX domain names from your Reseller Control Panel

The newly introduced .MX domain and the already offered .COM.MX extension represent a great selling point for your web hosting business on the Mexican marketplace.

Originally published Thursday, December 11th, 2014 at 5:15 pm, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under Domain Names.

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