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Hepsia control panel file manipulation

Hepsia Control Panel file manipulation videoLearn how to work with our brand new and completely reworked file manager, part of the new Hepsia web hosting control panel. Video after the break.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – File Permissions in cPanel

If you know what File permissions are and are eager to start playing with then, you can check our current post, which will show you how to modify the file permissions with the cPanel control panel.

cPanel Reseller Tutorial – Upload files with cPanel

Check out our latest cPanel video tutorial, showing you how to upload files with the cPanel Control Panel!

PHP Settings section gets a major update

If you were looking for some good news this Monday, then you are at the right place – the PHP Settings section in the Web Hosting Control Panel received a major update today. Check the full post for more details.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – Uploading files via the File Manager

For the last few week, I have been focused on the email section of the cPanel control panel and now it’s time to change the subject – today we will be taking a closer look at the cPanel file manager and it’s functions.

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