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cPanel reseller tutorials: configuring your mail client

Getting your email to work is always a hard task for the inexperienced user. Chris from our cPanel staff has made an effort to show you how to configure all of the popular mail clients. Check his very detailed guide in the full post.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials : The Enom API and ClientExec

Getting domain name registration to work with your cPanel reseller account can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but in today’s blog post, I will show you how you can do this in a few simple steps!

cPanel reseller tutorials: connecting the WHM with the ClientExec billing software – part 2

If you find last week’s guide for WHM and Client Exec useful, then you will also like this week’s second part of the guide, where we will complete the billing software setup.

US data center scheduled network maintenance

A scheduled network maintenance will take place this Sunday in our US data center – Peer 1. The maintenance will last about 2 hours, during which brief service interruptions can occur.

cPanel reseller tutorials: connecting the WHM with the ClientExec billing software – part 1

In last week’s post, we started covering some of your most frequent questions about the cPanel reseller program, and this week we will continue down this road, showing you how to connect the Web Host Manager (WHM) and the ClientExec billing software.

The cPanel Reseller F.A.Q.

The last few month, my blog posts were exclusively about the Free Reseller Program. It was about time to take a look at our other offers and more specifically, at the cPanel Reseller Program. Answers to all of your popular questions about the cPanel Reseller Program wait you in the full post.

March reseller commissions sent today!

Reseller Hosting CommissionsThe reseller commissions for March were sent today! Check the full post for more details.

How to create multiple reseller hosting stores

Tired of the one store per account limitation? Well, ResellersPanel offers a great feature, called Multiple Stores, which allows you have several web hosting stores in one reseller account. Find our more on how to take advantage of this in our newest post.

Whois Protection released for Free Resellers

Several weeks ago, I announced that the ID protection service was significantly improved. And we have improved it even further – it’s now available for all of our reseller from the Free Reseller Program right from the start. Full story and a video tutorial after the break.

How to advertise your reseller hosting store

The whole point of the reseller hosting is to sell hosting accounts to customers. And in competitive business, like the hosting business, advertising is essential. This is why, I have prepared a detailed article, showing you how to more efficiently advertise your reseller hosting store and attract more customers.

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