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WordPress 3.0 Released

A few weeks ago, on June 17th, the world saw the release of the newest version of the WordPress blog platform – WordPress 3.0. The new version comes with a new default theme – 2010 (Twenty Ten), which is created to showcase the new features of the platform – new custom menus, custom theme backgrounds, different headers, URL shorteners, etc. A very anticipated feature is the inclusion of different post types – so far, you’ve been able to create a page or a new blog post, whereas now you can create product pages, contact listings and many more. This move by the WP staff aims at creating a more robust platform, which will no longer be just a blog creation script, but rather a full-fledged CMS. Another new addition, which I would like to point out, is the ability to choose your admin username. Up to now, WordPress has insisted on creating “admin” as the default username for the blog administrator, which has been the cause of many complaints. Now, you can specify your own administrator username, which will greatly improve the security of your website. This feature alone is worth the upgrade, since having a secure username and password is an absolute necessity. Another new feature is the ability to manage multiple blogs from one WordPress 3.0 installation. According to our personal experience and the feedback gathered from web hosting users all over the world, an upgrade to the new WordPress version can most often be carried out painlessly. Most problems are caused by third party plugins, so check if the plugins you are using are compatible with WordPress 3.0 prior to the upgrade and either update them or disable them.
Originally published Thursday, July 15th, 2010 at 7:28 am, updated July 16, 2010 and is filed under Latest News.

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