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Holiday Sale – festive discounts on OpenVZ, KVM and dedicated server plans

With Cyber Deals week well behind us – it’s time to move on to the real festive season with a brand-new set of holiday promotions.

We’ve prepared some great deals for you that will help you to please your market in a fantastic and festive way. 

Starting from today, you’ll be able to offer your customers a host of deals on most of the OpenVZ VPS plans and dedicated servers

Also, due to the great interest in our KVM cyber offers, we’ve prolonged them to cover the holiday season sale as well. 

What are the new Holiday Sale offers?

A $1/mo promotion on the entry-level OpenVZ plans

The $1-per-month OpenVZ offer has proven to be a great hook-up deal for prospects over the various promo campaigns so far. 

For that reason, we’ll keep the offer active throughout the holiday season as well so you can target the VPS newbie market in a proven and efficient way. 

If you haven’t made use of this promo offer yet, you can do so from the Promotions area of your Control Panel:

Up to 40% OFF on the more advanced OpenVZ plans

The holiday season is an arena for large-scale deals, so we’ve thought about advanced VPS users as well. 

From today all OpenVZ plans from OVZ06 to OVZ10 will be offered with up to a 40%-discount off the first month via a brand new promotion. 

This will help you to more efficiently target the high-end VPS market and to attract solvent prospects who will bring you steady income on a regular basis. 

Apart from the upfront discount, we’ve also made an important feature upgrade for the two most advanced OpenVZ VPSs. 

Now both configurations feature 5 cores instead of 4 which will make them even more cost-efficient in the eyes of your future customers. 

The new holiday promotion is now available to enroll in the Promotions area of your reseller dashboard:

It is valid for the first month of a subscription for which no profit will be generated at your end. 

Both OpenVZ promotions will be available until January 15th, 2020. 

A $1/mo promotion on the entry-level KVM plan

Just like the entry-level OpenVZ promo campaign, the $1-per-month KVM has proven to be very successful in drawing new customers to your stores. 

For that reason, we’ve rebranded it for the holiday sale season as well to help you get even more prospects onboard. 

Again, you can enable this promo offer with a simple click from the Promotions area of your reseller dashboard:

The entry-level KVM promotion will be available until January 15th, 2020. 

20% OFF on all KVM plans

Due to the good marketing results from the recent 20% OFF Cyber Deal KVM campaign, we’ve decided to extend the deal so you can keep being competitive throughout the entire holiday season. 

Unlike the promos mentioned above, you do not need to enroll in this promotion.

The prices have already been lowered at our end (your profit has been preserved) meaning that you can now edit them as you like to better fit your profit margin strategy, if necessary.

Dedicated servers are now up to 29% cheaper

The massive holiday server sale is rounded off with the newly decreased dedicated server prices. 

Our entire lines of AMD Opteron and Intel Zeon dedicated servers are now offered at a great discount as well. 

You can offer these configurations in your store at a much lower price – the Opteron servers at up to 25% OFF and the Xeon servers at up to 29% OFF, respectively. 

This new holiday sale represents a great opportunity for you to address the profitable server hosting market with a whole line of attractive, dedicated server setups.

Just like with the 20% OFF KVM campaign, the dedicated server prices have been lowered at our end and your profit has been preserved.

You can now just revise the new pricing and change it to match your overall marketing policy if needed.

How to make use of the new Holiday Sale deals?

The holiday server sale is available to all our partners with an active reseller account. 

You can enroll in the entry-level OpenVZ and KVM sale campaigns with a single click from the Promotions area of the Reseller Control Panel. 

The entry-level promotions are valid for the first 3 months of a subscription. The regular monthly price will apply from the 4th month onwards. 

The advanced OpenVZ VPS promotion is valid for the first month of a subscription, hence the regular monthly price will apply from the 2nd month onwards.

As clarified earlier in this post, the wholesale prices of the advanced KVM servers and of the AMD Opteron and Intel Zeon dedicated servers have already been discounted at our end, so you do not need to enroll in any specific promotion. 

We’d just recommend that you go ahead and edit those prices the way you like to get the best profit margin for your business. 


The holiday server sale is a super way for you to combine powerful and scalable performance with great value for money.

Let new and existing customers take it to the next level with your brand!  

Originally published Thursday, December 19th, 2019 at 5:05 pm, updated December 20, 2019 and is filed under Latest News.

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