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Why is VPN access so valuable today?

We all live in a global world where information travels at the speed of light, whatever the destination. However, prosaic country restrictions could sometimes stop us from enjoying our favorite source of information and entertainment – be it a TV show portal or a music streaming service.

The most common reason for an online service to be country-restricted is the distribution of copyrighted content. For instance, large entertainment sites like Google Music, Netflix, iTunes Radio, etc. are very sensitive about copyright issues and would not let you sign up or use the service if you are located outside the USA. Other services like VEVO are available only in 11 countries in the world.

So, what do the rest need to do to avoid seeing the message “The page you are looking for is not available in your region” anymore?

This is where a chain-breaking service like VPN can come in real handy. With VPN access enabled, one could easily unblock restricted sites and gain immediate access to them. Users could easily watch their fav TV show, or listen to their favorite local radio stations, or visit the websites they are interested in, or explore new ones. With VPN, the global stream of information will flow unrestrictedly and will reach users’ devices wherever they are.

Generally, users can gain VPN access to unblock restricted sites from wherever they are by using the services of special VPN providers. However, we have made things much easier for them by integrating VPN access right into the Web Hosting Control Panel (Advanced Tools -> VPS Access).

Now each user can avail of 5 GB of free VPN traffic with each of the hosting services that include the Control Panel – cloud hosting packages, Virtual Private Serverssemi-dedicated servers and dedicated servers. Additional VPN traffic quotas will also be available as an upgrade very soon.

We will re-route the entire incoming and outgoing traffic through the server chosen by the user. Plus, we will enable 128-bit encryption to make sure that no one is standing between the users and the websites they visit. As a bonus, users can take advantage of a special VPN traffic filter, which will automatically filter out most website ads.

Currently, we have VPN servers in the USA – in Chicago, Illinois, and in Santa Ana, California; in Canada – in Montreal, Quebec; and in Europe – in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. More VPN servers across the world will be added soon.

The Control Panel-integrated VPN functionality represents a valuable workaround for users who want to be into the global information stream wherever they are. Isn’t that actually a greater percentage of your customers? So, make sure you promote it well in your marketing campaign to better cater to the needs of the modern global user.

Originally published Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 3:51 pm, updated November 20, 2015 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel.


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