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The Web Apps Installer now allows users to add more themes to an app installation

Add multiple WordPress themes to an installationA new line of fresh & cool WordPress themes was added to the Web Hosting Control Panel just a few weeks ago.

There are now more than 130 different themes you can choose from for your new site.

They all reflect the latest in CMS look & feel and give you a wealth of layout options.

To help you make the most of the new theme library, we’ve enabled an option for users to add more than one theme to a WordPress installation.

What is the new Web Apps Installer upgrade about?

Until now, users have been able to add one theme per installation using the Control Panel-integrated, 1-click Web Apps Installer.

Starting today, they will be able to add more themes to an existing app installation and to easily switch between them.

Thus, they will be able to make a more informed final decision about which is the best theme design for their site.

Add more themes from the Installed Applications area

In the Installed Applications section of the Web Apps Installer, you’ll see a newly added column named ‘Set template’:

Installed applications - set template

When clicking on it, users will be presented with the themes that are currently available for their existing WordPress installation.

Just select the one you want and click on the ‘Set template’ button:

installed applications - set multiple themes

This will instantly add the theme to your present WordPress installation.

Add a theme from the Free Themes area

In the Free Themes section of the Web Apps Installer, users will see a ‘Set template’ link added beside the existing ‘Install’ link next to each theme:

Free themes - set template option

When clicking on the ‘Set template’ link, users will be presented with a popup window listing the existing WordPress installations, if there are such:

Free themes - set template

This will allow users to easily add as many themes as they like to their WordPress setup(s) while browsing through the gallery of free themes.

Once added, the themes can be managed from the respective WordPress Admin section.

Users can choose a prefered default theme, switch between the themes they have already selected and delete the ones they don’t like.

An option to reset the default password also added to the Web Apps Installer

In the Installed Applications section of the Web Apps Installer, users will see another new column besides ‘Set template’:

installed applications - re-set admin password

This new option will allow users to reset the default admin password for WordPress, Joomla or any other application featured in the Web Apps Installer.

We’ll continue to work on the Web Apps Installer tool and will add new features and improve its existing functionalities in order to make it quicker and more user-friendly for your customers.

Originally published Friday, August 12th, 2016 at 8:22 pm, updated August 12, 2016 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel.

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