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135 new WordPress themes added to the Control Panel

Free responsive WordPress themes in the Control PanelWe have added a collection of modern and responsive WordPress themes to the Free Themes section of the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Now you and your customers can choose a new theme for your WordPress-based blog, news portal, photo gallery, etc.

The new themes are free of charge and can be installed with a click from the Control Panel.

What are the new WordPress themes about?

The new line of WordPress themes reflects the latest web design trends and offers a fresh perspective on the concept of modern online presence.

You can find grid-based themes where content is organized in a clean and easy-to-digest manner:

Free WordPress themes - grid layout

This type of themes is perfect for culinary blogs, news portals, photo galleries, portfolio pages and even for e-commerce stores.

You can also find classic-style, site-wide banner-based WordPress themes with a handy integrated slider functionality:

Free WordPress themes -full width banner layout

Such a theme would be a perfect front-end solution for your blog, non-profit or commercial website.

The new full-screen, background image-based layouts are also worth paying attention to:

Free WordPress themes - full screen layout

Such a theme would be a great front-end choice for creative agencies, photographers, architecture and interior design studios, etc.

How to make use of the new WordPress themes?

The new WordPress themes have been added to the existing library of free themes in the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Just scroll to the Free Themes section under Installer and you will be taken to the full list of themes that are currently available for download:

Free WordPress themes in Control Panel

Then click on the Install button next to the template you want to install and you’ll be taken through the 1-click WordPress site setup wizard:

Free WordPress themes - full list

With WordPress being the number one synonym for ‘free, secure and easy-to-handle site building platform’, the new Control Panel-integrated themes are expected to draw new prospects to your web hosting portfolio like a magnet. Feel free to spread the word about them throughout your marketing channels. 

Originally published Monday, July 11th, 2016 at 4:42 pm, updated July 11, 2016 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel.

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  1. authentic8 Says:

    Excellent! Thank you! These themes look very stylish!

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