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Cyber Monday for good – dedicated servers with extra billing cycles and exclusive discounts

Dedicated servers - new billing cycles

The Cyber Monday rush is now in full swing with tons of special offers flooding the web.

In contrast to such short-lived deals though, we’ve introduced an essential promo update to our most advanced hosting solution – the dedicated servers, which is here to stay for… good!

Starting today, you and your customers can make use of 3- and 6-month billing cycles that will bring unseen discounts on the most powerful of all web hosting services.

What are the new dedicated server billing cycles about?

Recently, we’ve introduced a major upgrade to our dedicated servers – we’ve improved the hardware of the existing setups and added 8 new configurations.

Up until now, only a monthly payment period has been available for the dedicated server packages.

With the new, just-in-time-for-Cyber-Monday update, your dedicated server customers will be able to make use of 3- and 6-month billing cycles, apart from the default monthly payment option.

The addition of the two new billing periods required a visual update to the dedicated server table.

As you can see below, a brand new billing period selector has been added above the three dedicated server tables (Atom, AMD and Xeon).

Dedicated servers - quarterly payments

From here, your customers will be able to switch between the different billing periods, compare the prices and choose the payment option that suits their current budget.

NOTE: A few more days will be needed for the new design features to be propagated across the WordPress themes as well.

What are the new dedicated server discounts about?

As you can see in the visual example, the new billing periods are tied to a corresponding discount on the default monthly price.

This way, if a customer selects the 3-month billing cycle, they will get a pleasing 10% discount off their plan’s monthly price right away:

And if a customer selects the 6-month billing period, the discount will be twice as big – 20% OFF the default monthly price.

By switching between the 3 billing period options, the customer will be able to see the difference between the regular monthly price and the discounted quarterly and semi-annual prices in the table below and choose the most suitable option for them at the time of purchase.

Once enabled, the new billing periods will be in force for as long as the customer wants. When the period expires, the customer will be able to renew their subscription for another 3 or 6 months, or to switch to the regular monthly billing option.

How is the discount calculated?

The discounts for the quarterly and semi-annual billing periods are hard to beat. To sustain competitive retail price levels, we’ve deducted the discount itself from the given package’s wholesale price and the monthly profit you have set.

For instance, if a customer orders the Atom 1 dedicated server (the wholesale price is $60/mo) for 3 months and you have set a monthly profit of $15, the final 10%-OFF price the customer will have to pay will be formed by adding the discounted wholesale price ($54/mo) to your discounted monthly profit ($13.5), i.e. $54/mo + $13.5/mo = $67.5/mo. 

In your Reseller Control Panel, you can see the discounts for the 3- and 6-month billing periods based on the particular package’s retail price.

In the ‘Dedicated Offers’ section, you’ll see two new columns dedicated to the new billing cycles:

Dedicated servers - new columns in Reseller Control Panel

In the ‘Dedicated Prices’ section, you’ll see a new table added right below the dedicated server packages themselves.

It features the monthly prices for the 3- and 6-month billing periods, as well as the quarterly/semi-annual profit you will get when the discount is applied.

Dedicated servers - quarterly and semi-annual billing

Also, you will see the final retail price your customers will have to pay based on the billing period they have selected.

The new billing periods represent great marketing tools for your hosting store. They offer your dedicated server customers more choices and flexibility.

By offering different billing period options, you will also increase your chances of getting new prospects hooked for longer periods of time.

This should help you improve your customer retention rates as well.

NOTE: Due to the higher transaction cost, the 6-month billing period supports only the bank transfer payment option.

Originally published Monday, November 28th, 2016 at 5:29 pm, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under Dedicated Servers.

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