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We’ve recently received several interesting questions via the Feedback Form and we think they deserve to be answered publicly: 1. Can you offer WHOIS protection for free? – We’ve recently tried to include WHOIS protection as a free extra with some plans. It turns out that it’s much more difficult than we originally expected. For the moment, we are unable to offer WHOIS protection for free, but we will try our best to do so in the near future. 2. Can you add an option, which allows a new user to access the Control Panel without having to buy anything? – We are already offering a similar option. Anyone can check out the demo of the Control Panel for free and use any of the tools featured there. If a customer likes it, they can make a purchase right from inside the demo account without having to log out. 3. I think that when someone checks out your site builder, they should see some really cool templates. Can you add more cool templates? – The site builder tool was not built by us and we can’t really develop themes for it – it’s not free software. We had plans for building a new site builder, but right now they are put on hold due to more important projects. 4. I recommend that you start offering standalone domain name registrations as well. If someone wants just a domain, they will buy one from someplace else and that’s not good for your business. – Resellers can sell sole domain name registrations even now – this is what the Domain Manager plan is for. It’s a free plan and the customer only has to pay for the domain name registration. 5. It would be a good idea to offer resellers web design services for their clients. – We had plans to introduce such an option four years ago. However, web design and web hosting are completely different services, which means that enabling our resellers to offer web design solutions to their customers might cause more problems than benefits. 6. Will store owners be able to specify their own currency (other than any of those offered at the moment)? – Even though we want to offer as many payment options as possible, we are limited by the billing processors (PayPal, WorldPay). However, we do have plans to start offering additional currencies in the future. 7. I suggest you include private name server and discount coupon system options for free. – The name servers are part of our DNS Cluster package. Since it offers much more than only private name servers (email cluster and free WordPress hosting options, better domain controls, etc.), we offer it as a paid service. As for the coupons, we are planning to introduce them once our new reseller hosting platform is ready. 8. For the sake of authenticity, it would be nice if we could upload an image and use it with the reseller store template. – This feature will be available with our new reseller hosting platform.
Originally published Thursday, June 13th, 2013 at 2:22 pm, updated June 13, 2013 and is filed under Latest News, The Free Reseller Program.

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