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OpenCart updated to OpenCart in App Installer

OpenCart is one of the ready-to-go solutions if you want to start an online store on a low budget. It’s free, it’s very customisable, it offers lots of free themes and has a large supporting community. It also really easy to use.

We have recently updated the OpenCart version in our 1-click Application Installer to OpenCart

New in OpenCart

Klarna payment gateway – the Klarna payment gateway is a great way to expand your business to Europe. It offers an innovative payment model where the customer pays after receiving the item guaranteeing that you, as a seller, will get paid. With access to over 100 million customers and with simple integration to OpenCart, Klarna is the most important new addition to OpenCart

Product Filters – much like options, it allows you to add different tags to your products and allows users to search for a specific product based on these tags. But, while options are visible on a product page, the filter remains hidden from the user.

Categories, Downloads now use auto-complete to select – auto-complete for fields in the admin area is really handy for large shops where there are lots of categories and things to choose from. Simply start typing a part of the name of a specific category, and the auto-complete system will find all matching results.

As of now, all new OpenCart installations will use the OpenCart version. If you run an older version of OpenCart, you have to consider carefully upgrading, since there are some compatibility issues with the OpenCart and older versions.

Originally published Friday, June 28th, 2013 at 2:07 pm, updated January 14, 2016 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel, Latest News, The Free Reseller Program.

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