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Semi-Dedicated Servers in the UK and in Eastern Europe

Semi-dedicated servers in the UK and in Eastern EuropeThe geographical expansion of our server network continues with the addition of semi-dedicated servers to the data centers in the UK and in Bulgaria.

Now you can offer this custom server hosting solution to a much larger customer base across the globe.

Offering your customers a closer location for their resource-consuming sites will translate into better loading speeds and an amazing website performance.

Semi-dedicated servers in the UK data center

The data center near London, UK, can now accept semi-dedicated server setup requests from you and your customers. It would be a great choice for webmasters from Western and Central Europe and from Africa.

You can enable any of the semi-dedicated server packages (Semi-dedicated 1 or Semi-dedicated 2) by selecting the Pulsant data center on the order form:

Semi-dedicated servers in the UK data center

Semi-dedicated servers in the Bulgarian data center

Our partnering data center in Sofia, Bulgaria, can now also accommodate your resource-heavy sites and apps at the same price. It is a recommended option for users from Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Again, you and your customers can enable the semi-dedicated server packages by selecting the TelePoint data center on the order form:

Semi-dedicated servers in the BG data center

Semi-dedicated Servers – key service highlights

Here is a list of the key advantages of the semi-dedicated servers, which differentiate them from the other server hosting setups:

  • a guaranteed 99.9% service & network uptime – since the semi-dedicated servers are part of our shared hosting network, they offer a 99.9% service uptime guarantee, not just a 99.9% network uptime guarantee as is the case with the Virtual Private Servers and the dedicated servers;
  • no server management required – our administrators will be taking care of each semi-dedicated server, so you will not be responsible for any server administration duties (monitoring, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc. duties) whatsoever;
  • a free Hepsia Control Panel – our Web Hosting Control Panel comes with each semi-dedicated server by default, so there’s no need for additional setup procedures;
  • instant account setup – a new semi-dedicated server will be set up as quickly as a shared hosting account – right after the payment has been verified by our Sales Department;
  • large CPU quotas – each server will be allocated generous amounts of CPU time, which will empower users to host more resource-intensive sites, including busy WordPress blogs, community portals, e-shops, etc.;
  • large MySQL database query quotas – as with the CPU time, database-heavy website owners can take advantage of large database query quotas;
  • bigger email allocations – semi-dedicated server users can send more emails without an hourly outbound email limit, which gives them more power and flexibility, especially in terms of their email marketing campaigns;
  • a free dedicated IP – each semi-dedicated server will come with a free dedicated IP address, which can be used for SSL setup purposes, for example;
  • free VPN access – 5 GB of free VPN traffic will be ensured for each semi-dedicated server for trouble-free access around the globe;
  • Varnish – this web app accelerator, included with each package, will help users cache their traffic-heavy sites and make them load faster;  
  • Memcached – this caching system is also included with each setup and will help users speed up their dynamic applications by reducing database load;


Originally published Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 at 5:25 pm, updated November 27, 2014 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform.

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