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An email size display option added to the Hepsia Control Panel

Option to display mailbox size in the Hepsia Control Panel

In addition to the recently added option to set quotas for your mailboxes from the Hepsia Control Panel, we have now enabled a new handy email account management functionality.

Starting from today, you will be able to keep track of the actual size of your mailboxes right from your Email Manager.

This new option will help you monitor your email usage and regulate the size of your mailboxes, if necessary.

How to access the email size display option?

The option to monitor the size of your mailboxes comes as a natural follow-up to the option to curb the size of your email accounts and prevent them from getting clogged with unwanted emails and ads.

Now you can keep an eye on the mailboxes that you think may soon reach a critical size and take immediate steps to update their size quotas, if needed.

In the Email Manager, left-click on a mailbox to pull up the info box.

Right under the mail server details, you will see a line of text specifying the current size of the selected mailbox:

Mailbox size indication in the Email Manager

How often will the email size be updated?

The present email size will be updated every time you click on a selected mailbox.

In other words, the email size will be visible per demand, since running multiple simultaneous mailbox size requests will cause server strain.

NOTE: The sizes of all mailboxes that have received at least one email during the last 5 days will be displayed by default.

Alternatively, you can still check the size of a given mailbox in the RoundCube webmail client.

Just look for the round icon in the bottom left corner:

Mailbox size indicator in RoundCube

Originally published Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 4:04 pm, updated May 18, 2015 and is filed under Web Hosting Platform, Hepsia Control Panel.


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