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Ticketing System interface updates and a new Send Feedback button

We have made a bunch of improvements to the ticketing system of the Web Hosting Control Panel so as to:

– make the Help Center interface better organized, more intuitive and more appealing to the users;

– let the users share their feedback on the provided service while communicating with our customer support team;

As you may have already noticed, the ticketing system now looks different.

The comments supplied by the customer support team in the ticket conversation threads are now colored differently, so the users can participate in the conversation more easily:

Also, the users will see only the 5 most recent comments expanded to avoid any confusion during longer conversations:

The attachment functionality in the Control Panel has been extended so that the users can now add more than one file (screenshot, etc.) to a reply in order to better illustrate an issue to the support team members:

A new star rating functionality has been added to the reply window:

As you can see, we have also added a Send Feedback button, so the users can instantly respond to a received reply:

After launching the new updates, we were really surprised to see how eager your customers were to share their feedback. Statistics show that the ratio of positive to negative comments is 9 to 1.

Here is a small portion of the positive feedback we have received in the last week only:

“Thank you. My complaint was in the long waiting time for a response. Your service has always been impeccable, that is why I have not moved to another service, but keep coming back.
Thank you for fixing the problem.”

“Thank you Pete, I was very concerned about this problem as it was affecting my product sales and you solved it instantly! All the best.”

“What an outstanding and helpful answer! Thank you so much, you just erased any doubt that I had! Way to go technical support!”

“Awesome! Simple and fast, thanks.”

“Аwesome as usual.”

“Great, very well understood.
Thank you for the support and help you fast engineer.


“Excellent service of Mr. James Bradley. Thank you very much.”

“Outstanding support as usual – I cannot believe the response time from you guys – amazing! Keep up the great work!”

“Impressed by how on the ball Ian is. He has done a great job helping me get my first VPS server sale up and going.”

“Best support ever!”

“Great support – got to the bottom of a tricky issue quickly.”

“Thank you for the right solution to this problem … I am so happy with your tech support it has bailed me out of disaster once again.”

“Your online support is always timely and useful. My new website designer suggested changing web hosters, but I said how good you are, so I stayed. Now she is incredibly impressed with your online support, and says it is of a high quality unheard of elsewhere in the industry.”         

Originally published Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 3:25 pm, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under The Free Reseller Program.


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