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Google’s recent mobile search update and its effect on your stores

Store Master - Google mobile-friendlyOn the 21st of April, Google launched a landmark search algorithm update, which is focused exclusively on mobile search results and is aimed at boosting the rankings of websites, which are optimized for mobile search. These include sites with a responsive design or with a mobile-friendly version.

The update will be rolled out gradually in the upcoming weeks and will be in force for mobile lookups only.

Are you prepared for the mobile search update?

All hosting resellers using the Store Master template don’t have to worry about their mobile rankings, since the theme was designed to be mobile-friendly from the very start.

You can check this for yourself right now. If you conduct a search for your reseller hosting store on Google, you will see that it’s sporting the “Mobile-Friendly” tag in front of your meta description:

Google’s mobile search update and your stores

This is a very positive sign, which signifies that your site has been found mobile search-proof according to the new rules and that it will be given precedence over non-mobile-optimized sites on search results pages.

Additionally, if you want Google to show your website name instead of the full URL in mobile search results, make sure to include the following code in your reseller hosting store:

{  "@context" :"",
     "@type" : "WebSite",
     "name" : "your site name",
     "alternateName" : "alternative website name",
     "url" :""

You can insert it right next to the Google Analytics code field in the Advanced section inside the Store Master Admin Area.

After your changes are published, you can test if your site name displays correctly using the following tool:

Are the WordPress store themes mobile-optimized too?

The WordPress hosting themes are not yet mobile-optimized. However, we have a team of developers and designers working on their responsiveness.

We’ll be keeping you posted on any updates in this regard. 

Originally published Friday, April 24th, 2015 at 4:25 pm, updated April 27, 2015 and is filed under The Free Reseller Program.

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