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How to create multiple reseller hosting stores

The Multiple Stores Feature was a highly anticipated addition to our already feature-packed Free Reseller Program. It gave our reseller one very big advantage – they could finally create several stores within one reseller account, each store using a different template and promoting unique offers. A lot of our resellers are still underusing this option, but its usage can give you several advantages. By having more than one online stores, you can test different marketing strategies and hosting offers, finding out which one will more effectively appeal to the end customer. It will also you give you the possibility to realize your different ideas for web hosting offers in just one account. Today, I will show you how to create another store in your main reseller account. The procedure is pretty simple, really.

A short video on how to create multiple reseller hosting stores

This video is also available in high quality. Firstly, you will have to login in the Reseller Control Panel. Right beneath the Resellers Panel logo on the top left side, you will see the “Multiple Stores” menu.
How to access the multiple stores menu

How to access the multiple stores menu

From the drop-down menu you can easily switch between your reseller stores at any point. But you will have to create the additional stores first. Click on the “Multiple Stores” menu to start creating extra stores. In there, you will see two tabs – the first one is “List All Stores” where, as the name suggests, you will be able to see all your stores with the domain names assigned to them and quickly modify them. In order to create a store, go to the second tab, labeled “Create New Store“. To create a new store, you don’t have to fill in a lot of information, since we already have this info on file from the moment you signed up. All that you need to fill in are the store name and store brand. The Store name will be the name of your new store that we will use in our system. It will be also listed in the left-hand store drop down menu listed above. The Store Brand is the name that will identify your store in the eyes of your customers. It will also be used in all documents and pages related to your store.
How to create another reseller store

How to create another reseller store

Once you have made you choice, simply click on “Create New Store” to create your new online store. There is no waiting, you will be done in a matter of seconds. The newly created store is now available in the “List All Stores” section for further modifications.
List all stores, created in your account

List all stores, created in your account

Here are some tips on running several stores in one reseller account :
  • Use a Store Name which is close to the Store Brand. This way you can more easily switch between stores;
  • Do not use the same template, banner, or hosting offers;
  • Do not advertise your second store in the same places you advertised your fist one. Otherwise, you will be in competition with yourself :);
  • Use different marketing strategies. If you have promoted heavily the Free Site Builder for example on your first store, with your second or third store you can put an accent on the Free Domain offer.
  • Do not create a link from one store to another. It can be tempting, but this puts your reseller anonymity at risk.
And, for all of those who prefer the video tutorials, I have prepared one for you, covering the store creation process in detail.
Originally published Tuesday, May 5th, 2009 at 9:41 am, updated June 26, 2009 and is filed under The Free Reseller Program.

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