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Per service and per package controls in the Coupon Generator

Per-service/per-plan discount controls added to the Coupon Code Generator

The Coupon Generator has been upgraded to support per-service and per-package discount controls. Read more on this significant upgrade from our blog.

FFmpeg installed on all servers

The FFmpeg application for video/audio conversion installed on our servers

The FFmpeg video/audio conversion application has been installed on our servers. Now you can optimize your multimedia content for optimum viewing experience.


Another SSL vulnerability – the POODLE bug, has surfaced. Server-side measures taken.

A new SSL vulnerability has been brought to light by Google experts – a weakness in the SSL 3.0 protocol could now be used to eavesdrop critical data that is transferred over an encrypted connection between web clients and servers.

Password setup interface for Hepsia Control Panel

Password Setup interface added for new web hosting accounts

Web hosting account passwords will now be generated by users through a special online password generation interface. It will work for both signups and password resets.

Jail Host option in the Control Panel

A ‘Jail Host’ option added to the arsenal of security features in Hepsia

Learn more on this one-of-a-kind anti-hack protection feature and be the first to promote it to your security-sensitive customers:

PHP sockets extension installed

PHP socket extension enabled on all our hosting servers

The PHP socket extension is now enabled on all our web hosting servers to allow a low-level interface for network communication purposes. See the wide range of functions that PHP programmers can benefit from to create and manipulate network socket.

A data center in Eastern Europe (Sofia, Bulgaria) added to the hosting order form

The long-awaited new data center option is here. You and your customers can now choose to host your sites in one of the most popular data centers in Eastern Europe – Telepoint.

Varnish - the web accelerator for content-heavy sites

Varnish – the web accelerator for content-heavy sites

See why Varnish is an advanced web acceleration tool that you should not be afraid of and how you can use it to drastically boost your sites’ and apps’ performance;

Security tools within customer's control

The site security options on our platform that are under customers’ control

Check out the security tools your customers can make use of to tweak the level of protection on their sites according to their particular needs.

Service Uptime or how we ensure maximum availability for your sites and applications

Check out what measures we take to keep your sites and applications online. Learn more on the difference between service uptime and network uptime.

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