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How to choose a name for your hosting store

How to choose a name for your hosting store?

Choosing the right name for your store can help you communicate your brand’s message the right way. Check out our tips for selecting a suitable name for your hosting store in our new post.

Hepsia cloud hosting platform vs mainstream solutions

Hepsia vs the mainstream client-centric cloud hosting platforms

Check out how our custom-built Hepsia cloud hosting platform fares against the paid mainstream solutions on the market.

VPN monthly traffic and upload/download speed upgrades added to Hepsia

VPN quota upgrade options added to the Hepsia Control Panel

Now you and your customers can request extra monthly traffic allocations and higher upload/download speeds from the Hepsia Control Panel.

Finland data center - map overview

A Finnish data center option enabled for shared hosting customers

With the new Ficolo data center in Finland, ResellersPanel will be offering a much better hosting coverage in the North of Europe and Asia.

Hosting platform backups

Backups for shared & semi-dedicated hosting customers will be stored even longer

We are now keeping data backups longer than ever. Customers can restore their websites from up to 30 days in the past.

Professional assistance with sites and applications now added as an upgrade

Our brand new service Installation & Troubleshooting for cloud hosting and semi-dedicated servers is now live. Learn more about it in our latest blog post.

Website migration explained

Here are more details on the website transfer process that we will be executing on your behalf for easy migration of your customers over to our platform.

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