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Boost your reseller profits with the OpenWheeler affiliate program

OpenWheeler home driving simulator Some time ago, our company started a different project, not related to the reseller web hosting area – we started selling racing seats. You can check out our website at As it turns out, these racing seats are very sought after – we quickly ran out of the initial stock and had to order more seats to be made. I’m telling you this because we now have an affiliate program associated with our new business. What you can earn is 10% of each sale a customer makes via your affiliate link. And since the OpenWheeler racing seats sell at $400 USD, you can earn $40 USD upon each sale. It is not bad at all, considering the fact that you don’t have to invest anything to become an affiliate. We also offer a 2-tier affiliate program – if someone signs up for our reseller hosting program thanks to you and then decides to become an OpenWheeler affiliate, you will earn 10% of his profits, i.e. you will receive $4 USD every time OpenWheeler is purchased through his affiliate link. Plus, you will also earn profit from the web hosting sales your affiliate generates. We have prepared a nice collection of affiliate banners, which you can use to promote the OpenWheeler website – just don’t forget to use your affiliate link. You can check it out in the Racing Seat Affiliate section of the Reseller Control Panel. It basically looks like this: All profits generated by affiliate sales will be added to your reseller profits and will be transferred to you each month. NB: for the moment, the OpenWheeler racing seats are available only in Europe. We are working to make a deal with a US distributor and we will be able to ship them to the USA in time for the upcoming holidays. P.S. To help you advertise, we have also created a Facebook page for OpenWheeler.
Originally published Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 8:41 am, updated December 20, 2010 and is filed under Latest News, The Free Reseller Program.

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