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A new US data center for shared web hosting accounts

USA data center for shared hosting accounts

As of last week, we are offering a new US data center option for our shared web hosting customers – Steadfast in Chicago, Illinois.

This is the same data center where we house all new dedicated servers.

You can see how their facility looks like on their facebook page and in this flickr set.

We will continue to use the servers we have in our now old data center – Peer 1 in California.

The customers will not be moved from the old data center to the new one.

What made us switch data centers?

It was one of the most trivial reasons – our old California data center was running out of rack space and it simply could not house more servers.

And since our customer base is constantly growing, our CTO went on a search for a new data center.

Although we had an offer from Peer 1 to move to another one of their data center facilities, also located in California, after a lengthy meeting it was decided that our new data center should be located somewhere where there is a lower natural disaster risk.

And after a month of data center research, the choice was made – Steadfast in Chicago.

Why did we choose Steadfast?

When choosing a data center, there are several things to look for – a good connectivity to the rest of the world, a good data center support team and a secure facility.

Steadfast offered it all – they are very well connected, with access to several major Internet backbone providers and a large peering network; they offer excellent support and a really secure facility.New shared web hosting data center in Chicago, Illinois

You can find more about the data center in our dedicated US data center page.

We have been working with them for several months now, first setting up test servers and later, moving all new dedicated servers over there.

Our overall experience with them is more than excellent and we have no doubt that the future shared web hosting customers will also enjoy their superb services.


Originally published Friday, September 2nd, 2011 at 2:32 pm, updated August 16, 2016 and is filed under Latest News, The Free Reseller Program.

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