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A social login functionality with all VPSs, semi-dedicated and dedicated servers

Social Login enabled VPS’s, semi-dedicated and dedicated serversTwo months ago, we enabled a social login option for all resellers and shared hosting customers.

Now this capability is also available with all semi-dedicated servers, as well as with all Virtual Private Servers and dedicated servers ordered with the Hepsia Control Panel.

Just like on the shared hosting platform, the social login option works with Facebook, Google+ and Yahoo! social media profiles.

This is a very useful one-login solution for users who manage several accounts, since it will save them from having to work with tons of usernames and passwords.

How to use the social login option

The social login option is available with all semi-dedicated servers, since they use the Hepsia Control Panel by default.

VPS and dedicated customers can take advantage of this option if they choose to use the Hepsia Control Panel with their server at signup.

In the Control Panel, users will be able to quickly link their hosting account(s) with their social media profile(s) and thus gain instant access to their Control Panel anytime they open the Login page.

You can find detailed instructions on how to use the social login option in our previous social login post.

Backend improvements to the social login functionality

Apart from enabling the social login option on all Hepsia-equipped servers, our developers have also made a few essential improvements to the functionality’s backend.

Thanks to a tweak to the interface through which we communicate with the social networks, now the connections between the social media profile(s) and the Control Panel will be 3 times faster than before, which means zero waiting time at login.

Also, a glitch causing occasional connectivity hiccups was smoothed out and now users can stay logged in their social media profiles over a truly stable connection.



Originally published Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 at 3:34 pm, updated November 11, 2014 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel.

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