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A brand new promo area in the Control Panel to target existing customers

Promo Area in Web Hosting Control Panel

Service promotions are a great marketing tool for increasing conversions in your store.

Over the past few years, we’ve launched a wide range of promo campaigns for various domain name extensions and selected OpenVZ, KVM, semi-dedicated, and dedicated server plans.

This has helped scale up the number of signups across our web hosting platform significantly and has driven more new customers to your stores accordingly.

To help increase signups and domain registrations even further, we’ve integrated a promo area in the Web Hosting Control Panel.

What is the new Control Panel-integrated promo area about?

The new promo area is located in the most visible part of the Control Panel’s index page, right above the two blocks of management icons:

Promo area in Control Panel - see all offers

This way, users will be able to easily keep track of all current domain and hosting promotions in your store, which are relevant to their needs.

Depending on what type of service they are currently on, users will be able to take advantage of any of the following promotions:

Domain names – various TLD offers will be rotated to all users, no matter what type of service they are using. We run TLD promotions regularly, most of the time for popular and attractive TLDs such as .SITE, .CO and .SPACE.

Semi-dedicated servers – this type of service promotion will be displayed to all users on shared hosting accounts. This way, users on a regular, shared hosting account who need more CPU power and database queries but are not yet ready to transition to a server solution will be able to cost-effectively upgrade to a more advanced hosting solution with a click of the mouse. The offer will also be visible to users on VPS and dedicated servers who use the Web Hosting Control Panel;

OpenVZ VPS servers – this promo type will be shown to users on shared hosting accounts. We usually run quarterly $1/mo OpenVZ promotions, which are a great opportunity for users with growing needs to try out your virtual hosting service at a minimum cost. The OpenVZ VPS promos will be visible to users on semi-dedicated servers as well as on Control Panel-loaded dedicated servers.

KVM VPS servers – just like with the OpenVZ promotion, KVM offers will be displayed to shared hosting users as well as to users on semi-dedicated or dedicated servers who might be interested in acquiring a KVM server as well.

How will the new promo area work?

The new promo area will serve various domain/hosting promotions to users every time they login.

They will be able to see two promotions by default – one TLD offer and one web hosting offer.

If there is no hosting promo campaign running at a given time, the promo area will feature two TLD offers instead:

Promo area in Control Panel - TLDs only

By following the “see all offers” link in the promo area, users will open a popup box, which features all current promotions:

Promo area in Control Panel-overview

In there, the promotions are ordered in categories (semi-dedicated server offers, VPS offers, TLD offers) so that users can easily scan all the offers and see if any of them could serve their present needs.

If not currently interested in promotions, users can deactivate the promo area by clicking on the “x” icon in the top right corner. This will hide the promotions from the Control Panel for a period of one week.


The newly integrated promo area opens up a great opportunity for you to increase sales and strengthen customer’s engagement with your brand.

Giving your customers the option to make use of attractive, relevant offers establishes you as a provider who understands their needs and offers them great value for their money.

NOTE: Make sure you keep an eye on the Promotions area in your Reseller Control Panel for any new promotions we may release on a regular basis.

Originally published Wednesday, December 19th, 2018 at 3:55 pm, updated July 8, 2024 and is filed under Hepsia Control Panel.

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