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A significant price drop for .CO.ZA domains, .CH domain prices have increased by 20 percent

.CO.ZA top-level domain name for South AfricaIn recent years, .CO.ZA – a Second-Level Domain (SLD) associated with South Africa, has been collecting speed as a preferred domain name on the African domain market, with the total number of registrations reaching almost 1 million.

This made the official .CO.ZA registry – ZACR, reconsider its pricing policy and embark on a consistent price-drop march.

As a result, we have now been able to cut down the prices of .CO.ZA domain names by as much as $10 USD!

You can now offer the .CO.ZA SLD to your customers at a starting price of $14.00 instead of $24.00, as it has been until now.

.CO.ZA – some curious facts

The .CO.ZA SLD is one of the many country-code SLDs that are comprised of two parts, among them .CO.NZ and .CO.UK. The second part of the .CO.ZA SLD – .ZA, is an abbreviation of the Dutch Zuid-Afrika. Over time, as the Dutch influence in South Africa died away, Suid-Afrika became more common.

However, since the .SA domain is used by Saudi Arabia and ZAR also serves as the ISO 4217 currency code for the South African rand, there has been no way for the country to change .ZA to .SA, which would better reflect the new identity of the country.

Why register .CO.ZA domains?

  • South African target audiences. If South Africa is your or your customers’ target market, then you’d better go with a .CO.ZA domain name. Doing business using a .CO.ZA domain will show that you are serious about your South African audience. If you already have a cool .COM/.NET/.ORG site for your business, then you can just redirect the traffic from your future .CO.ZA-based website to your existing site.
  • Rank well in local search results. On the South African versions of search engines like Google and MSN, you will have better ranking chances with a .CO.ZA domain name – especially when searchers restrict their search to South African websites only. Apart from that, some local South African search engines like SearchSA and Ananzi, index sites with .ZA domains only.
  • Help develop South Africa’s ICT infrastructure. If you or your customers are from South Africa, by using a .CO.ZA domain, you will participate in the sponsoring of the expansion of South Africa’s ICT infrastructure.

We have decreased your current .CO.ZA price by $10 USD, so if you want to fine-tune it to match your overall TLD pricing policy, you can do so from the Domain Pricing section of the Reseller Control Panel:

Update your .CO.ZA pricing

A price uplift for .CH domains

In contrast to the .CO.ZA registry, SWITCH – the operator of the .CH TLD, has recently raised the .CH price. This requires an update to our wholesale and retail prices as well.

We will add $4 USD atop all retail prices that are below the new wholesale price ($17.50 USD). The retail prices that are higher than the new wholesale price will remain unchanged. 

Again, we encourage you to update your .CH prices in order to maintain a reasonable profit margin.

Originally published Friday, November 21st, 2014 at 3:07 pm, updated November 24, 2014 and is filed under Domain Names.

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