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.NL and .BE TLDs now available for registration

Today, just 20 days after our latest new TLDs release , we have added two new TLDs to the ever-expanding list of domain names that you can offer to your customers through our system – .NL and .BE!

These newly introduced domain extensions represent the country specific TLDs for Netherlands (.nl) and Belgium (.be), which are widely open for registration as long as some specific registry-imposed requirements are matched by the potential registrant.

The two TLDs share some specificities worth mentioning :

– domains with these TLDs cannot be transferred.

– domains with these TLDs can’t be locked at the registrar.

– domains with these TLDs can’t apply for ID protection.

– domains with these TLDs can be registered for just 1 year.

Additionally, the .NL domain registration procedure entails some specific actions on the side of the registrant.  Once the domain name has been ordered through your store, the .NL registry will send the new domain owner a registration agreement in both English and Dutch, which the owner will have to fill in, sign and send back by fax. This agreement must be sent back to the .NL registry within 15 day of the domain registration request, otherwise the domain name will be canceled.

Just for your infromation, we are planning to release more TLDs for you in the following weeks.  Expect the upcoming introduction of .IT, .AT, .NU, .NZ  and don’t forget to check our blog for the latest news from ResellersPanel!

Originally published Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 at 3:53 pm, updated July 2, 2024 and is filed under Domain Names.

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