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cPanel reseller tutorials: connecting the WHM with the ClientExec billing software – part 2

In my previous post, I started the “how to connect WHM and ClientExec” guide. Since it proved to be too long to fit into one readable post, here is the second part of the guide:

Once we have configured the ClientExec billing software to connect correctly with the web hosting server, it’s now time to define the hosting packages and tell ClientExec how to get the correct data for each package.

III. Packages
A. Create the packages for the hosting accounts in WHM -> Packages -> Add Packages.

These packages are the actual web hosting plans features, which you will offer to your clients. You can add extra packages or modify the existing ones at any time.

Once you have several packages prepared, the next step is to make sure ClientExec recognizes the created packages, give them appropriate names and prepare them for their store release.
B. Log in ClientExec -> Admin -> System Setup -> Package Management

1. Choose Package Type -> it is usually safest to name the packages the same way as with WHM
2. Show Domain Options -> this is used if you have an active eNom account, when you should say “Yes” – the given rights should be for transfer and registration
– Self Management -> it is optional, if you choose to enable it
3. Welcome E-mail -> fill it in as appropriate
4. Description -> information about the package, input it as you see fit

C. At the bottom of the page: A list of packages and prices for package type (this menu is very essential to the setup, so make sure you go through this step)
>> click on Add Package

>> A new page will be displayed:
1. Choose at what price to sell and the billing cycle
2. Welcome E-mail -> fill in as you see fit
3. Description -> fill in as you see fit

4. Server -> you choose the server specified in the beginning ( or
5. Server Variables -> scroll down to the place where it says “cPanel” -> here you place the name of the package created in your WHM
!!! Important !!! – it is best to copy-paste the package names and have exactly the same name as the one in WHM; even one extra space in the name would be fatal.

6. Add Package
… and you are done. Now you are ready to start selling your newly created packages.

N.B.! Client accounts usernames can be up to 8 symbols long; username ‘test’ cannot be used due to security reasons. Accounts with usernames of more than 8 symbols will not be created.

Next week we will continue with another guide – how to connect the ClientExec billing software with your Enom account, both part of the cPanel Reseller Program free bonuses. This way, you will also be able to automatically register domain names along with the hosting account creation.

Originally published Thursday, May 21st, 2009 at 2:23 pm, updated July 2, 2024 and is filed under cPanel Support.

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