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Private Label Reseller – Taking Anonymity To A New Level

It’s about time that I introduced myself, since I have been writing in this blog for some time now and will keep doing it all being well – my name is Victor, and I have been with ResellersPanel for 3 years now. I started in the Sales team, later on moved in the Support team and,when the promotion time came, I was assigned the position of Chief Blogger for ResellersPanel’s blog. I spent a lot of time dealing with all of our services and I can safely say that I know my way around them.

And now, after this introduction, we can start the new week with a new post – a one dedicated to the Private Label Reseller.

Being a reseller of hosting services is all about one thing – guaranteed anonymity. And, as we all know, anonymity is always hard to achieve. ResellersPanel has been in the business long enough to figure out what tools are crucial for reaching anonymity and to develop, redevelop and perfect these tools to a point where they can be used by anyone. In the next following paragraphs, I will guide you on how to quickly personalize your reseller store template or to offer our services with your own website.

Let’s start with the turn-key templates that we offer – they can give you just the initial boost you need. Why is that? They are not called turn-key for no reason. Just like with any new car – you simply have to turn the key to set it in motion. The templates are fully connected with our back-end, which is great news for any starter – you don’t have to spend time on working on your site AND connecting it with the billing software used. Another good thing about the templates is that you can modify them – assigning your own banner, or even a flash header to your web store will give it that unique look that you want. All in all, with some simple customization steps, and after just 10 minutes of playing with the Reseller Control Panel and the options there, you will be ready with your first reseller store.

So, if you are a starter, if this is the first time you are dealing with online business, if you just don’t have the time, the resources, or the knowledge necessary to handle the initial store set-up steps, it is strongly recommended to make use of our free templates.

We realize that those resellers who want to have their own site, already have a site, or want to offer the hosting services in their native language, will find our ready made front-store templates insufficient to meet their advanced demands. Especially for them, we have prepared a very simple yet pretty effective and easy to use alternative to out templates – our Remote Forms. The Remote Forms consist of our Order Form, our Domain Search From and the Login Form. These forms are more than easy to use – all you need to do is choose between the simple and the advanced formats and copy the HTML code in your site. And with just a few lines of code, you now have the ability to offer our services from your very own website. This way, if you already have a website, with an established online position, you don’t have to start from a scratch, you can just build on your current popularity and make that work for you.

And those resellers, who want total control of their stores and wish to design everything on their own, should not feel ignored. We have worked for a whole year to re-design and perfect our most powerful feature – the Reseller API! With the API you are in charge of everything – design your own billing, handle your sales, stay in contact with your customers, be the man behind your brand name. And yet, what stays behind the API mechanism and how it works? I will not go into details here, but here are the basics: the API represents the same code that we use to connect the templates with our back-end. The API is the code that will handle all of the communication between our system and your website. One of the biggest advantages of the API is that using it with your own billing – you can take your profits directly from your customers and without needing to wait for our monthly commission.

This, of course is just a simple overview of the API. To further your knowledge of its functionalities, I have prepared an in-depth review with a lot of examples of how to connect the API with your own site.

And last, but not least, here is the Private DNS Cluster, a simple must-use service for all of our resellers. The Cluster is a simple yet effective tool giving your clients a good reason to think that you are not just another web hosting company, but a serious enterprise. The Cluster will give you the power to use your own name servers (dns1/ and mail servers. So, all of your customers will see your name everywhere they look, which is what you as a reseller should be aiming at by all means.

In the next few weeks, you can expect more posts on how to set up your template store, how to use the remote forms and a long awaited post on how to quickly and easily use the API, so stay tuned and keep on checking our blog for updates. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I will be happy to reply.

With Regards,

Originally published Monday, February 23rd, 2009 at 8:01 am, updated July 2, 2024 and is filed under The Free Reseller Program.

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