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WordPress updated to WordPress 3.6 in App Installer

Last week we updated the WordPress version in the App Installer in the Hepsia Control Panel to the latest version currently available – WordPress 3.6. All new WordPress installations will use this version by default. If you have an existing WordPress site running an older version, you should also consider upgrading your WordPress version to the latest available.

What’s new in WordPress 3.6?

WordPress 3.6 is a major new release, which focuses mainly on blogging. It features multiple improvements in the workflow efficiency and in the way one can write and edit posts. It includes features such as brand new audio and video players, an improved integration with SoundCloud, Rdio and Spotify, a revamped media uploader and a new theme – Twenty Thirteen. Aside from all that, there are multiple security fixes and background API improvements. Here is a short list of the new features in WordPress 3.6:

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