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The Roundcube webmail branding option now extended

We have added a new option to the RoundCube webmail branding option. Check it out in our post.

Brand the Control Panel’s webmail client

Brand the Control Panel's webmail clientAdd a custom touch to the webmail portal for your customers. See how you can upload your own custom logo and add to your reseller uniqueness.

The RoundCube Webmail Client Update

The RoundCube Webmail Client Update
The RoundCube Webmail Client in the Hepsia Control Panel has been updated to the latest version. Learn what is new in our latest blog post.

SupremeWebMail is now discontinued

SupremeWebMail is now discontinuedThe SupremeWebMail webmail client is no longer available with shared web hosting accounts. Learn more in our latest blog post.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – Webmail login

The newest video tutorial from ResellersPanel is here, so waste no time and click on the news title to check it out!

cPanel Reseller tutorials – cPanel Webmail clients

If you want to know more about the webmail clients, offered in the cPanel reseller program, then today is your day! Follow the news title to check out Alexandra detailed guide into cPanel webmail clients.

cPanel Reseller tutorials – Webmail in the cPanel control panel

If you happen to dislike all mail clients, then you can give the Webmail option a try. Alexandra from our cPanel support team is here today, with an excellent Webmail explanation. Check the full post to find out more!

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