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PHP, Perl and Python updates

PHP, Perl and Python updatesIn the course of the following weeks, all of our servers will be updated with newer PHP, Perl and Python versions. Find out more about this in our latest blog article.

Recent problems with PHP scripts

PHP Script problemsIf you are having problems with a PHP script, hosted on our SupremeCenter servers, check out our latest blog post for a possible solution.

Zend Optimizer updated on all shared hosting servers

Zend Optimizer UpdatedToday, our administratos have upadated the Zend Optimizer to the 3.3.9 version on all shared web hosting servers. Learn more about Zend Optimizer in our latest blog post.

Optimize the Apache Configuration

Apache TweaksFine-tune the Apache web server on your VPS or Dedicated Server in order to improve the server’s performance and decrease memory usage. Learn how to do so with the help of our latest blog post.

Handling duplicate content in your website

Duplicate ContentLearn how to handle duplicate content around your web pages without getting penalized by the search engines and without taking down the duplicate web pages.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – include() and require()

Eager to improve your PHP knowledge? Me and Kevin Johnson from the reseller support team have prepared a simple guide into two very useful PHP functions – include() and require().

The new PHP settings menu – video introduction

Looking for more and new video tutorials and guides from ResellersPanel? Check our latest post, for an in-depth video look of the new PHP Settings section of the Web Hosting Control Panel

PHP Settings section gets a major update

If you were looking for some good news this Monday, then you are at the right place – the PHP Settings section in the Web Hosting Control Panel received a major update today. Check the full post for more details.

cPanel Reseller tutorials – cPanel Webmail clients

If you want to know more about the webmail clients, offered in the cPanel reseller program, then today is your day! Follow the news title to check out Alexandra detailed guide into cPanel webmail clients.

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