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Securing a WordPress blog

WordPressIn our latest post, dedicated to the security of your website, I will show you how to efficiently secure your WordPress blog. Following the few and simple steps described will make your online presence much more secure.

Securing a Joomla website

JoomlaLearn how to efficiently secure your Joomla website with the help of our latest blog post, dedicated to online security!

Online security – prevent your site from being hacked

Online SecurityConcerned about your website? Worried about hackers? Check out our latest blog post with a few simple tips to protect your website!

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – File Permissions in cPanel

If you know what File permissions are and are eager to start playing with then, you can check our current post, which will show you how to modify the file permissions with the cPanel control panel.

File permissions in Unix-based systems

If you have ever wondered what those weird 3-digit numbers in the web hosting control panel exactly refer to, what they do and why you need them, then you can find the answers you need in our latest blog post.

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