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Videos now available on turn-key templates

WordPress 3.0 releasedNew videos added to reseller turn-key templates. Find out more about them and how to control them in our latest blog post.

WordPress 3.0 Released

WordPress 3.0 releasedWordpress, the world leading blog platform saw it’s version 3.0 released a few weeks ago. Do you need to upgrade? Find out in out blog post.

Hepsia control panel file manipulation

Hepsia Control Panel file manipulation videoLearn how to work with our brand new and completely reworked file manager, part of the new Hepsia web hosting control panel. Video after the break.

Unlimited MySQL storage for predefined hosting plans

Unlimited MySQL hosting plansAll predefined web hosting plans, provided by ResellersPanel now come with unlimited MySQl storage! Find out more about this in our latest blog post.

Hepsia Control Panel pre-release preview

Hepsia control panelI’m glad to present you with a video presentation of our brand new web hosting control panel – the Hepsia Control Panel!

How to avoid the “Internal Server Error 500”

How to fix server error 500?The work week may be almost over, but it’s never too late to learn something new, which can help you build a better website. Check our guide on how to solve a “Server Error 500” error message.

Why choose CentOS for your VPS/Dedicated Server?

Why choose CentOS VPS?In our latest blog article, we will go through the choice of an OS for a VPS or a Dedicated Server and the difference between the available choices.

Learn how to use SSH

Learn to use SSHLearn on SSH – see how you can more efficiently manage your VPS or Dedicated Server using the server’s root access and command line.

Protect a server against brute force attacks

Server Brute Force ProtectionThis week we focus on online security – learn how to secure your Virtual Private or Dedicated server against brute force attacks with the help of our latest blog post.

PHP, Perl and Python updates

PHP, Perl and Python updatesIn the course of the following weeks, all of our servers will be updated with newer PHP, Perl and Python versions. Find out more about this in our latest blog article.

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