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How to ensure CMS website security

How to ensure your CMS website security in 2019 (the basics)

Educating yourself about website security is very important nowadays. Check out the basic steps you can take on your own to safeguard your website from online abuse.
How to increase php security

How to strengthen the security of your PHP code

Check out our selection of proven tips for strengthening your web environment and keeping the PHP configuration less susceptible to malicious activities.

ModSecurity now enabled with all VPSs

The ModSecurity firewall has been enabled with all Virtual Private Servers. Check out how it works and what are its key protection advantages.
Security tools within customer's control

The site security options on our platform that are under customers’ control

Check out the security tools your customers can make use of to tweak the level of protection on their sites according to their particular needs.

ModSecurity will now prevent brute force attacks

We have set the ModSecurity Apache module to precent brute force accounts. Lean more about brute force attacks in our latest blog post.

ModSecurity now enabled for all hosting accounts

As of today, we have ModSecurity running on all web hosting accounts. Learn more about what ModSecurity does in our latest post.

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