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DNSSEC enabled on our platform

DNSSEC enabled for domain names on our platform

We’ve enabled DNSSEC – a DNS query validation technology, for all .COM, .NET and .BIZ domains registered or hosted on our platform.

Preview a site with the new host before DNS propagation

How to test out your site with the new host before switching name servers

Moving over to a new host often involves some challenges, for example – missing PHP extensions or improper database configuration, which may result in ‘broken site’ issues. Here are a few site-preview tricks that you could share with your customers.

NS3 and NS4 added for all hosts

NS3 and NS4 backup records enabled for all hosts

NS3 and NS4 backup records have been enabled for all hosts within our network. They are located in the UK and the Finnish data centers, respectively.

Reverse DNS Records

An option to add a PTR record enabled for dedicated IPs

Now you can set a PTR record for a dedicated IP address and make your domains resolve in both directions. This option is available in the Domain Manager section of the Control Panel. Learn more about reverse DNS lookups in our blog:

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