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Tweaking the WHM on a VPS Server

WHM VPS TweaksFind out how you can optimize your VPS server to run faster and be more stable with a few tweaks of the WHM in our latest reseller tutorial.

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – MySQL databases

MySQL databases are something very useful and you just have to have MySQL with your web hosting account. But, what is MySQL? Today, our own support supervisor is here with a great article on MySQL, SQL and databases in general.

cPanel Reseller tutorials – Webmail in the cPanel control panel

If you happen to dislike all mail clients, then you can give the Webmail option a try. Alexandra from our cPanel support team is here today, with an excellent Webmail explanation. Check the full post to find out more!

cPanel Reseller Tutorials – Email Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting

Are you interested in knowing more about emails or looking for a way to solve possible problems yourself? In this case, our latest post is just the thing for you. Follow the headline for the full story.

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